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Soohyun Lee

Soohyun LeePrincipal/Interior Design

Soohyun Lee graduated from Busan National University majoring in Architectural Engineering and is currently working at HAEAHN Architecture as Principal of the Interior Design. In the past he has worked at Hendi Environmental Design Institute, Seoul Architecture, and Minwoo Architecture. He is also the Director of Korean Society of Interior Architects and Designers and has participated as one of the 100 Designers for its 30 year anniversary celebration. He acts as a mediator of Architecture and Interior, highly regarding on the balance between space and function of various projects, especially participating in residential and accommodation facilities based on his experience in hotels, high-quality villas, and housing projects. Some of his major works are Busan Paradise Hotel, Seoul Ramada Renaissance Hotel, high-quality villas, including Gugi-dong Hyundai Villa Regency and Hannam-dong Herren House, residential complexes, which are the Trump World 1, 2, 3 and Bundang Royal Palace, and a block-typed detached house, The Gate Hills.


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