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Chanjae Oh

Chanjae OhPresident/HTECH Architecture


Chanjae Oh majored in Architecture at Kyungnam University and achieved his master’s degree from the Graduate School of Housing in Seoul National University of Science and Technology. He then completed the Special Program in Urban Environment at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies in Seoul National University. He started his business career at Yein Architecture and Cheonil Architecture, gained experience in various housing designs at Tomoon Architecture, and achieved building 100,000 apartment units, taking charge of residential field at HAEAHN Architecture. He took charge in designing many successful housing businesses of construction company brands such as Raemian, Prugio, e-Pyeonhansesang, etc. Moreover, he was awarded the Grand Prize of Construction Culture for ‘Seongbuk the Gate Hills’, the President’s Award of Comfortable Apartment for ‘Sorae Nonhyeon Hanwha Eco-Metro’ and contributed to making a new apartment building culture from winning the best award at the Apartment Construction 50th Anniversary Apartment Building Design Project Competition for Land and Housing Corporation.


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