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Sangsun Joo

Sangsun JooPresident of Division/Design Div. 1


Sangsun Joo has joinded Haeahn architecture after his early career in Toban architecture and dedicated to the design of commercial and mixed use projects. He has worked to create creative and new spaces in complex commercial facilities, from small retail to large shopping malls. In addition, various types of complex facilities have been designed in combination with transportation facilities such as airports, railways and terminals. From the first outdoor mall in Korea such as Ilsan Lafesta, Western Dome, and One Mount to Hyundai Department Store U-Flex, Shinsegae Centum City UEC, Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center, Starfield Cheongna, Starfield Suwon, etc. he has a variety of experience in the design of general commercial facilities. In addition, he has achieved achievements in a number of residential complexes, including Cheongju Gwell City and Wirye New City Residential Complexes, as well as a headquarters office building in Incheon International Airport and Yeosu Expo International Pavilion. He is a graduate of the Department of Architecture at Gyeongsang National University and currently serves as the head of the design division, which is responsible for the commercial, residential and complex facilities of Haeahn architecture.


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