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Kwanghwan Lee

Kwanghwan LeePrincipal/Strategic Planning Div.


Kwanghwan Lee graduated from University of Seoul majoring in Architectural Engineering and achieved his master’s and Ph.D degree from the same university and also completed a research program at the Business Administration School of Korea University. He gained his experience in carrying out major projects in Junglim Architecture including Yeonmugwan of the Blue House, Central Library of Silla University, Juan Presbyterian Church, National Museum of Korea, Sangam-dong World Cup Stadium, etc. From 2000, he has been contributing to the domestic urban development at Haehn Architecture, taking charge of Hannam-dong Hyperion, Walkerhill Hotel Acadia, Daegu World Mark West End, Reconstruction of Wanggung Apartment, Ahyeon District 3 Redevelopment, Namdaemun 5-ga Urban Environment Maintenance, etc. He is currently lecturing at Seoul National University and Inha University, and working for developing the domestic architectural culture as a member of Seoul Architectural Policy Committee, a member of Seoul Housing Support Center, an Architectural MP of Schematic Design for 2020 Seoul Housing Environment, etc. Based on these efforts, he was awarded the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs prize in 2012.


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