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Administrative Composite City_1-5 Life Zone Commercial District(C34)

LocationSejong, Korea


Total Area43,044㎡

Scale B3 / 8F



This project is enforced to create a Central Commercial Area that is designated as one of the 19 Administrative Composite City 1-5 Life Zone (Public Administrative Town) Special Planning District, as a representative attraction of the Administrative Composite City. The terrace that is planned by considering shrink proof material, public open space, and city context makes a Terra-scape that embraces the whole site and this creates a Water-scape, Valley-scape, Urban-scape landscape. Terra-scape sinks into the waterside, city, and courtyard, giving identity to the riverside and the whole district and creating a vitalized area. Water-scape holds an energetic city story of the terrace and Café Street that face the sink proof riverside. Valley-scape is connected from the Sunset Walk public pedestrian walkway to the courtyard, providing various events and views. Urban-scape is a part that faces the government office building which forms a unified image of the whole city.


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