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M-Square Outlet

LocationDaegu, Korea


Total Area60,175㎡

Scale B5 / 8F



M-Square aims to provide a brand that is beyond luxurious shopping service to the people of the region. This area will change the monotonous main road of Daegu and focus on creating a distinctive shopping mall through an iconic appearance. Moreover, away from the existing shopping spaces with no characteristics, this area will transform into a cultural space through an integrated structure of its interior and exterior space. This project will also contribute to the making of the shopping mall’s brand through its exterior planning distinct from the existing business districts, hoping this project to become an icon of the city. With an environment-friendly outdoor space and various tenants, the project is strategically arranged to make the shopping mall less dull. It also planned an attraction place and an open space combined with events and culture to provide a pleasant interior space and various commercial environment experiences, attempting to make a shopping center with drawing power and brand.


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