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[Participated] The Construction of Gyeonggi Office of Education (Southern Branch)

LocationGyeonggi, Korea


Total Area191,920.56㎡

Scale B4 / 18F



Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education's southern office, which will be newly constructed and relocated Gyeonggi Convergence Town in the new city of Gwanggyo, aims to establish the “Innovation Education Governance” that fits the era of "Gyeonggi Innovation Education 3.0". "Innovation Education 3.0" is similar to the innovative spirit and educational philosophy pursued by Jeongjo, and is planned with the value and spatial structure of Kyujanggak, a place of communication that promoted learning and culture through constant discussion. The "Gyeonggi Future Education Convergence Space," a civil space, is conceived from the low-rise spatial structure of Kyujanggak to extend the green stream from the Gyeonggi Garden to the inner deck. Furthermore, it is planned as an open cultural space where people could interact and communicate with each other. The design of smart-office space, inspired by "Juhapnu", concentrated on the design of large atrium space and open lounge. This public space ultimately will offer a creative and positive environment for the users.


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