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Yongsan Warrior House Army Hotel Reconstruction

LocationSeoul, Korea


Total Area40,755.02㎡

Scale B7 / 30F


TeamA&U Design Group, MAP Hanterin A&E, ILGAM A&A


The Yongsan Warrior House, which is known as a place of memories for the military officers and soldiers for the past 47 years, is located at the South side of Yongsan Station Square. It is designated as District 1-1 of the Urban Environment Renewal Plan in front of Yongsan Station. The building is a 142.6m height, 30 story mixed-use building which includes facilities such as 164 guest room Army Hotel, Wedding Hall, Convention Center, Retail and Office facilities, etc. A public open space is planned at the Yongsan Station Square by applying an urban open space context and the flow of nature that connects Namsan Mountain, Yongsan Family Park and Hangang River. Large facilities are planned separately on the lower floor taking its structure into consideration.The elevation is designed with a strong mass that have assorted functions so that the project can become a landmark among the many surrounding office and mixed-use facilities that are soon to be planned in the future.


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