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Sangin Lee

Sangin LeePresident/CMO

KIRA, Professional Engineer Construction Safety

Sangin Lee gained his architectural experience at a studio office, and later worked three years as a CEO of Kunwon Architecture, carrying out large scale projects, mainly on Multi-Complex Development Projects. He has been appointed as the new representative of HAEAHN Architecture in 2014, and is actively involved in developing the company. He graduated from Kyungil University majoring in Architecture and obtained his master’s degree at the Architecture Graduate School of Kyungpook National University. He is currently the Director of Korea Planners Association, Director of Architectural Institute of Korea, Consultant of Universal Institute of Architects, Vice President of Korean Association for Spatial Structures, Director of Korean Institute for Structural Maintenance and Inspection, Director of Korean Construction Safety Association, etc., working on various architectural activities such as urban, architecture, structure, and safety.


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